September 01, 2009

Today's Workout... and My Favorite Salad!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am at 13 weeks and 4 days, yay :) Feeling much better all around these days!

As for today's workout that I did with John, Ann and Angie....

Bench Press 45/10, 65/8, 85/8, 95/7

Incline DB Bench 20#DB/10, 25#DB/8, 30#DB/7

I am veryyyy sore from the workout I did the other day in my triceps and in my hamstrings... so it felt very good to get moving again and loosen up a bit. Bench press felt good, 95# was a comfortable weight. Stomach feels different now when I lay down... tighter I guess is a good description. Angie put it well - it's like the baby is saying HEY! All of a sudden my room has become efficiency size! That's exactly what it felt like!

On a side note - my skin has been EXTREMELY itchy today in random places that don't usually get itchy. Thinking I might try some different lotion.

My favorite salad - when I was still living in AZ and going to school at ASU I worked at a restaurant called Chelsea's Kitchen... they have the BEST food ever and I miss it so much! Lately I have been craving my two favorite things that I used to get there, their Veggie Burger and their Arcadia Salad. The Arcadia Salad is a brussel sprout leaf salad with pancetta, dried cranberries and blueberries, manchego cheese and a honey mustard vinaigrette. Dan knew that I was we really craving these two things so on Sunday night he said that we could make them, yay :) At first we were just planning on the Veggie Burger because I didn't know how to make the salad but then all of a sudden on the internet I found the recipe!!! I was so so so excited and even more excited when the recipe turned out just like it had been at the restaurant! So I decided I needed to share this recipe with you all so you can enjoy it!

Here is the website where I found the recipe,0,7915994.story?page=1 .


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Anonymous said...

I really need to get back to the gym, I can't use the excuse that I am not tired anymore. Maybe I'll go tonight :D