September 16, 2009

Week 15 Picture and Quick Update

I can't believe that Week 15 is almost over... it feels like it just started! Time is starting to fly now it seems like. Here's my Week 15 belly picture. I have to tell you I have really blown up the last week! I love it so much though, being able to tell that the baby is growing based on how my belly is getting bigger by the day.

I wore this tank top to work today to train a client and it can barely stay down over my belly anymore hehe will have to retire this one soon I'm thinking. It's starting to feel very tight down there in my lower abdomen area as well... not as much room for me to bend over anymore and everything feels like it's being stretched - which it is so that's pretty normal I think. Dan is going to be so surprised when he sees how much the itty bitty one has made me grow. Very excited to go to his graduation from WLC tomorrow :) I'm going to make slow cooker chicken tortilla soup for tomorrow night so we don't have to worry about making something since I know he'll probably be tired and then I'm making his new found favorite dessert... Boston Creme Pie! I should have figured he would like this dessert since he loves creme filled anything but just never though of making it. I guess they had it a lot at the dining facility there on base and he's fallen in love with it. Hopefully mine turns out ok hehe that would be sad if he liked there's better! That's about all that's going on today. Hope you all are having a good week!

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