September 08, 2009

Tuesday's Workout

Today I went and did a workout at the gym with John, Ann and Gina. It was a good strength workout of Incline DB Bench Press, Pull Ups, Flyes, Rows, Pull Downs and KB Swings. Felt really good during the workout and had fun hanging out with everyone! Belly seems to becoming more of an issue when working out... need to be more aware of it and keep it from bumping into things hehe. Felt tired in a good way after this workout and hungry too!

Incline DB Bench Press - 25# DB/10, 30#DB/6, 30# DB/6, 30# DB/6, 30# DB/6

Pull Ups x 10
** First set I did 10 kipping pull ups, second set I did 5 kipping and 5 jumping, the rest I did all jumping.

Next Round of Exercises...

DB Flyes - 15 # DB/ 15 x 3 sets

Seated Rows - Weight ? / 12

Next Round of Exercises...

Pull Downs - 80#/ 15 x 3 sets

KB Swings - 12 kg./15

** Note: First number is the weight I used and the second number is the number of reps I did during each set.

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