September 07, 2009

Monday's Workout and Nursery Ideas!

Happy Labor Day :)

Hope you all are having fun on this long weekend! Dan is still away at WLC so I have spent the last couple of days mowing the lawn, cleaning up the yard and the house and trying to get some ideas for the baby's room. It's actually been pretty fun but I still can't wait for him to get home so I can share the excitement with him!

As for my workout this morning, I did...

How many rounds in 15 minutes?

4 Pull Ups (Jumping)
4 Dips (Off the couch)
8 Push Ups
12 Squat Jumps

I completed 8 rounds... felt good. On the pull ups I had a pulling feeling on the sides of my stomach so I decided to do all of them jumping just to play it safe. I'm sure it was just the ligaments being stretched even further... but if it doesn't feel good I figure I probably shouldn't do it. Felt good besides that though :)

Now onto the really good stuff... the nursery ideas!! I spent almost all day yesterday and then part of this morning trying to come up with at least one idea that I liked and thought that Dan would like to. The problem is that we both want a simple and clean nursery without a lot of clutter but I would also like to tie in hints of nature throughout the room without it screaming that that's the theme of the room. So many of the bedroom sets that I've seen overdo the theme and it ends up looking really cluttered and kind of tacky (imo). So I found a couple of bed sets that I liked but then the tricky part came in when I tried to figure out how to tie nature in without it looking cheesy or overdone. All the way till I went to bed last night I could not find one thing that I thought would work... but then this morning I found it! I was so excited when I finally did find it! So here are some of the bed sets and wall decorations that I'm thinking about... still have to run them by Dan when he gets home and see what he thinks but I really think he's going to love them. Let me know what you guys think!
Love both of these... same design just different color. The reason I can't pick one is because we have this can of paint we bought a long time ago and never ended up using that would be really cute in a nursery and it's very similar to the light green color that is in second bedding set. So just waiting till Dan gets home to see if he definitely wants to use the paint or not. We will see! Also we'll most likely have a dark espresso colored crib and other furniture.I like this one... just to not so sure about the pattern that's on the blanket. But we don't necessarily have to show the pattern. It is kind of growing on me though the more I see it.

This is my all time favorite one and the one I fell in love with when I found it the other day... also how I got stuck on the light greenish/blue and brown theme :) They are my favorite colors though so that wasn't too tough to do. The only problem is that this set is quite a bit more expensive than the ones above which I found at target. This one is from Baby and Child Restoration Hardware. They have the cutest, most simple bedding sets... I love them so much! I'm still hanging on to he hope that we might be able to get this set... but I would definitely love any of these. The cool part is that these will work for either a girl or a boy for the most part depending on how you accessorize them. We still think it's a boy :) But we will find out for sure on Sept. 23rd, can't wait!!

Now for the really cool part... the wall decals -

Here's my favorite tree decal that I found.. there were a couple of others but this was the best one I thought for a nursery because it has kind of a whimsical look to it but still looks like a real tree at the same time. This decal would most likely go right above the crib.

I was trying to think of other things I could use to tie nature in throughout the room besides the tree and then I saw these little bird decals. I thought they were so cute and I love how they are all going in different directions, gives a sense of movement to it. I think besides some other small details like a stuffed animals, lighting and some black and white family photos that would be just about all we'd need for decoration.

I had a fun idea that I have wanted to use for a while to display those black and white photos. You take picture hanging wire and strand it across the wall from two nails or hooks. Then you just take your photos and clip them onto the wire. Thought this would be a unique way to display pictures in the baby's room.

If we find out that we are having a girl I have some ideas for the room in that case as well. I found some wall decals of dandelions and a little girls kneeling on the ground blowing a dandelion. Thought these were too cute! Also would probably have her name done in a decal in cursive or something along those lines. Would still use the same photo hanging idea I was talking about above. Here are the pictures of the dandelions -

So cute!

The more I look at it I think that the little girl decal would be really cute with the tree decal. Either would be good though. Let me know what you think!

That's about as far as I've gotten so far. Can't wait to show Dan and see what he thinks :) Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me... had to share it with someone!!

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