September 28, 2009

Nursery Ideas, Workouts and First Baby Clothes!

Hey Everyone!

Sorry that it has been a while since my last update and that I have been slacking on the videos. I will be doing one soon to give you guys a better update about everything that's been happening. Here's a brief update about what's new with the Collinsworth family:


We'll be starting to put together Ava's nursery these next couple of weeks. The crib set that we're looking at getting is called the Delta Eclipse set. We saw it at Target today and absolutely fell in love with it! From the set we're looking to buy the crib, dresser and glider. Here's a look -

This crib is great because it converts into a toddlers bed and a full bed! It's very sturdy and I love the dark color of the wood. This will most likely be the first piece of furniture that we buy for the room... I can't wait to get started if you can't tell :) The dresser and the glider are equally awesome. I got to test the glider out and I almost fell asleep right there in the store... if that doesn't help put Ava to sleep I don't know what will :)

As for the bedding we are still going back and forth between using a plain one or using one with a pattern. The ones that I posted before are still high on our list though.

As for the wall decor we are still thinking about using some sort of wall decal (most likely the little girl blowing on the dandelion, a big tree, a quote, a monogram of her initials, birds - or possibly a combination of a few). Also considering this butterfly wall art collection that we saw at Target today for above her crib -

They don't look like much in this picture but they stand off of the wall to create a really cool effect. They came in white and silver. Love how it came with such a big bunch of them too to really make it stand out.

Lastly I am also thinking about making a group of silhouette pictures to put above the dresser - one of each of our dogs and one of Dan and I. The process is pretty simple and would turn out something like this -

That's all now for nursery ideas - still need to lay it all out and decide what we're doing. There are just so many cute ideas out there... can't help myself :)


10 down to 1

Back Squat @ 95#
150 m. sprint Between

LOVED this workout... especially the sprinting part and getting to workout with Dan :) I had really been feeling the urge to just run fast and this helped me get that urge out of my system. I made sure to go at a pace that was safe for Ava and I but still let me get some of my pent up energy out. Squats were fairly easy but I am sore today through my hamstrings!

First Baby Clothes

On Friday was so sweet and took me to one of my all time favorite places to eat... Panera Bread! It is about an hour away from us so we decided to try and take a short cut through Fort Bragg to get there... it was quite the adventure to say the least. For a while we ended up on a dirt road in the middle of no where (at least it felt like it) with no signs. I have to tell you though, it was beautiful out there with all of the trees, green grass and yellow flowers. Eventually we hit a regular road.. much to my relief :) And we made it to Panera safely where we got to eat our sandwiches with creamy tomato basil soup w/ asiago cheese croutons. YUM! After we decided to wander around some of the nearby stores before driving back home and we ended up buying our first outfits for Ava. We got two sets of onesies at Ross for $5 each - thought that was a great deal since each set came with at least 3 onesies! The sets we got were mainly light pink and brown. Very excited to have bought our first official item for Ava :)

That's all I have for now but will have my video update for you all soon... have a great rest of your week!

September 24, 2009

It's A Baby Girl !!!!

We had our 3/D Ultrasound yesterday and let me tell you... it was AMAZING!! Because of where everything is positioned in there we were able to get an extremely clear picture for only being 16 weeks and 5 days :) We got to see her kick her little feet (right into my bladder I might add which was hilarious - might not be in a couple months when I can feel it hehe but for now it was cute to see her reclining back with her feet propped up on it), jump around, twist and turn! She was all over the place! I had just had a chick-fil-a sandwich on my way to the appointment and I am thinking that this little one already loves chick-fil-a as much as I do :) She had her fists squeezed tight most of the time but occasionally she would open and close them, rub her face and even suck her thumb! Finding out she was a she and not a he was a little bit tricky and took some time... she did not want to show the goods. But eventually the technicians got enough quick glances that they were confident in telling us it's a GIRL! She sure surprised us... we were thinking it was a boy the whole time. So happy to finally know for sure and to be able to call her by her name - which is Ava Marie Collinsworth and to be able to picture her in there :) I feel like ever since the ultrasound I have been in this kind of dream world just thinking about her hehe hopefully sometime today I'll be able to peel myself away from the pictures and get some things done. What an amazing experience to have with Dan and our little girl :)

September 21, 2009

Workout Updates - Saturday & Monday

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend :) I definitely had a great weekend cause Dan finally came home from WLC and we got to spend a couple of days hanging out! We got to talk about a bunch of baby stuff including the nursery, possible maternity photos, birthing classes and a bunch of other fun stuff. We also put a bunch of random stuff that we don't use anymore on Craigslist to sell and were able to make a good chunk of money to put into our baby fund! Almost have enough now to start buying the nursery furniture... can't wait! He also got a chance to look at all of the nursery ideas that I had come up with while he was gone and he liked them a lot. His favorite sheet sets were the white and brown (but with stripes instead of circles) and the light green one - both from Target. Very excited to get the baby's room all cleaned out and to start decorating. So glad to have him home :)

As for workouts... I took Wed - Fri off and did workouts on Sat & Mon.

Saturday -


Back Squat (20#)
Squat Jumps
Pull Ups (Jumping)
Curls (20#)
Push Press (20#)
Run 300 m.

I did this workout with Dan at home... he was using the "big boy" bar so I had to use the little one hehe hence the light weight. It was good for me though because I got a chance to focus on my form and really make sure it was good. Was pretty tired afterwards but it felt good to be moving again :) Also on the push press when I press the weight up I can sometimes feel what I think is the baby / uterus kind of float mid air for a second and settle back down. It was a cool feeling and I could definitely tell that there is a little something in there!

Monday -

15 x 45# Thrusters

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tabata 30 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest for each movement
**Get as many reps as possible for each round of work**

4 Rounds

Box Step Ups (15 # DBs)
Dips (Jumping)

4 Rounds

KB Swings (12 kg)
Pull Ups (Jumping)

My scores for this workout were:

Box Step Ups - 10, 9, 9, 10
Dips - 14, 16, 14, 14

KBS - 14, 14, 13, 16
Pull Ups - 14, 14, 13, 13

Felt good for the most part on this workout... by the end I was pretty tired though and was getting a little bit of a headache. I made sure to increase my rest towards the end since my body just felt kind of pooped. Started with single arm KBS but switched to regular since my belly isn't really in the way yet and the single arm ones were double the work :) Glad to start my Monday off with a good workout!

That's all for the workouts. I am thinking about doing the Week 15 & 16 video today and will probably post that later. This week on Wednesday we have our 3d ultrasound to hopefully find out the gender of the baby :) Very excited to see the little one again!! Also have our prenatal appointment tomorrow. Lots of exciting things going on this week... will keep you guys posted. Have a great Monday!

September 16, 2009

Week 15 Picture and Quick Update

I can't believe that Week 15 is almost over... it feels like it just started! Time is starting to fly now it seems like. Here's my Week 15 belly picture. I have to tell you I have really blown up the last week! I love it so much though, being able to tell that the baby is growing based on how my belly is getting bigger by the day.

I wore this tank top to work today to train a client and it can barely stay down over my belly anymore hehe will have to retire this one soon I'm thinking. It's starting to feel very tight down there in my lower abdomen area as well... not as much room for me to bend over anymore and everything feels like it's being stretched - which it is so that's pretty normal I think. Dan is going to be so surprised when he sees how much the itty bitty one has made me grow. Very excited to go to his graduation from WLC tomorrow :) I'm going to make slow cooker chicken tortilla soup for tomorrow night so we don't have to worry about making something since I know he'll probably be tired and then I'm making his new found favorite dessert... Boston Creme Pie! I should have figured he would like this dessert since he loves creme filled anything but just never though of making it. I guess they had it a lot at the dining facility there on base and he's fallen in love with it. Hopefully mine turns out ok hehe that would be sad if he liked there's better! That's about all that's going on today. Hope you all are having a good week!

September 15, 2009

Monday and Tuesday's Workouts

Hi there! Just updating everyone on my workouts for yesterday and today. I'm really glad that I started posting my workouts on here... it's really helped hold me accountable. Hope you guys don't get bored reading about them :)

Monday - Workout with John

Strength Part:

Incline DB Bench - 20#/10, 25#/6, 30#/5, 30#/5, 30#/5

Hanging Power Cleans - 45#/10, 65#/6, 85#/4, 95#/2, 105#/1

Metcon Part:

Row 500
25 x Cleans
Row 400
20 x Cleans
Row 300
15 x Cleans
Row 200
10 x Cleans
Row 100
5 x Cleans

** Cleans were done at 55# and kept approx. 2:05 min. pace/500m. for rowing **

I can't remember now how long this one took but I felt really good during the whole thing. Had to take more breaks in the beginning of the workout in order to keep my breathing under control but towards the end I was able to keep a pretty consistent pace without getting too tired since the reps and distance were decreasing. I was AMAZED that I was able to do a 105# clean without it feeling very difficult. Before I became pregnant a 115# clean was the heaviest I had gone and that felt REALLY hard! I think in some ways pregnancy is making certain things easier for me some how and also the rest I've been getting has been good for me I think. VERY excited about the cleans though... there is still hope for me yet (cleans have not been a strength of mine in the past)!


5 Rounds

5 Thrusters
7 Power Cleans
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

My time was 9:41 and the weight I used was 55#. I felt really good on this workout as well. Easily kept breathing under control with a small break at the end of each round and occasionally between movements in the later rounds. Using the lower weight really helps me to keep the workouts under control. Feeling good :) Hope my workouts continue to feel this good for the rest of the pregnancy... I have a feeling things will start to get interesting though once I get bigger hehe but we will see. Just grateful to still be moving well and feeling good.

Have a good day everyone!

p.s. Dan is home on Thursday from his leadership school... yayyyy can't wait to see him!

September 12, 2009

Saturday's Workout and Thoughts on Exercising While Pregnant

Happy Saturday Everyone :)

Just got home a little bit ago from an awesome CrossFit workout and have been reading about exercising during pregnancy ever since. The workout today had a lot of movements involved that really got my heart rate going quickly (running, wall ball and thrusters) without even doing very many repetitions, which is pretty normal given the movements. This is the first workout that I have done since becoming pregnant that has been like this for me and it got me thinking. From everything that we hear about taking it easy during pregnancy, not to overheat, no heart rate above 140 and basically just don't do anything too difficult it is very easy for me to become frustrated and to feel torn between the two sides. Despite that I take it at a good but moderate pace and make sure to take breaks I still find myself becoming nervous and feeling guilty/selfish when I start breathing hard. It just becomes tough because I want my baby to be healthy more than anything, I love CrossFit, I love how I feel when I workout/run but feel very torn about what is good for the baby and what is not. I just don't see how something (in moderation) that is good for me could at some point, despite how hard I am breathing be bad for the baby. Sorry if that's a long vent... with Dan at WLC I have no one to ramble to at the moment :) I'm sure he's sad to be missing out on my rambles hehe. I am just tired of being torn I guess between something that feel so natural and good to be doing - but at the same time having that little voice in the back on my mind telling me that I am doing the wrong thing and that it could be hurting the baby.

So I went online and started looking around and ended up finding a few articles that I feel really good about! With both of these book/articles though it is important to take into consideration your activity level before pregnancy. For me I was very active with both CrossFit and running before I became pregnant, so that's where I'm coming from. It makes me realize that you can't throw all pregnant women into one box and have the same guidelines for all of them. Each woman is different and each will need to exercise differently during pregnancy based on what they were doing before. So here are some excerpts from these two books:

The ACOG guidelines are certainly safe for everyone, including the general, rather sedentary population; however, those women who are used to more aggressive exercise programs need not do away with their programs simply because they’re pregnant. Each and every pregnancy is different, and each woman needs to work closely with her obstetrician to find an exercise plan that will work for her, for her favorite exercise, and for her lifestyle. To limit an athlete, runner, or climber who can easily and safely get her heart rate up to 165 beats per minute or higher to shift her training downwards, for nine months, below 140 bpm would probably cause more harm to the woman’s long-term health and mental psyche than good!

According to Clapp: “A heart rate of 180 or more – a racing heart – during high-impact aerobics in early pregnancy is normal for most women but would be unusual in a fit woman late in pregnancy; likewise an exercise heart rate of 130 to 140 during late pregnancy in a fit woman who trains 5 to 7 hours a week is not uncommon when she is working in excess of 70 percent of her maximum capacity.” Women will find that their heart rate changes significantly depending on the trimester. While the body is adapting to the new life inside, the circulatory system is more challenged, so the heart rate tends to be higher both at rest and during workouts in the first trimester. During the second trimester, the heart rate returns more closely to “normal”, and in the third, it may be increasingly difficult to get the heart rate up high enough, doing the same work load (Clapp, pp. 18-25.)

If you are at all concerned at any time during your pregna
ncy, consider monitoring fetal heart rate and recovery; if the fetus remains quiet and motionless beyond 30 minutes following exercise (beyond the first trimester), or the fetal heart rate falls too low or remains too high, then you will want to adjust subsequent workouts and monitor the fetal response regularly. Clapp insists that “Regular exercise during pregnancy has positive effects on the growth and function of the placenta that help to protect the fetus from oxygen deprivation…By developing more quickly, more oxygen and nutrients can reach the fetus, better protecting it (than the non-exercising woman under similar circumstances) in those times when the mother may be under stress (such as during heavy exercise).” (Clapp p. 32)

Actually, the pregnant female becomes very efficient at dispelling heat through the lungs (increased blood volume, better circulation, and higher rate of breathing means more heat lost through respiration) and skin (the “pink glow” from lowered temperature required to start sweating, and increased surface area from which to lose heat) due to adaptations from pregnancy (Clapp, pp 34-36.) As long as the woman is not exercising at extremely high exertion, stays well hydrated, and pays close attention to her training environment (i.e. avoiding really humid or hot conditions) heat affecting the fetus should not be a concern.

“The woman who continues regular, sustained exercise until the onset of labor usually delivers five to seven days earlier than a woman with an active lifestyle who does not exercise regularly” and furthermore, those women who exercise for the duration of the pregnancy have leaner, lighter (but just as healthy) babies than those who either don’t exercise at all or who stop midway through the pregnancy. Clapp also found in studies of babies 1 and 5 years after birth that those babies whose mothers remained active throughout their pregnancy were generally more alert, leaner, and performed better on various tests; whether that was a factor of exceptional fitness conditions in the womb, or life choices of the parents before and after the pregnancy, could not fully be tested. But most women would probably opt for providing the safest, healthiest womb possible in order to have a lean, smart, and healthy baby. Safe exercise during pregnancy may very well be the key!

- Based on a summary of Dr. James Clapp's book Exercising Through Pregnancy

I loved everything about this article and feel very good that it has been backed with research. In the first paragraph where it says "to limit an athlete, runner, or climber who can easily and safely get her heart rate up to 165 beats per minute or higher to shift her training downwards, for nine months, below 140 bpm would probably cause more harm to the woman’s long-term health and mental psyche than good" - that is definitely me. I don't want to justify working out harder by any means and I don't plan on working out more intensely then I have been since becoming pregnant but just want to feel good that what I am doing is not only ok but healthy for the baby and for me. I definitely feel that this article has settled my nerves about this and I can now continue with my workouts as I have been :)

Another book that I highly recommend checking out is called Atta Girl: A Celebration of Women In Sports. It goes into detail about how being athletic not only during pregnancy but during motherhood is not only healthy for the mother but for the whole family. It also talks about balancing family and athletics. It really hit home for me based on our lifestyle and made me feel good about being an athletic mom!

Sorry this post is so long... it's a topic that is very important for me and that I wanted to not only clear up for myself but anyone else that might be interested!

Workout For Today:

Run To MLK Bridge
25 Wall Ball
10 Thrusters

Run To Drug Store
20 Wall Ball
10 Thursters

Run To MLK Bridge
15 Wall Ball
10 Thrusters

Run To Drug Store
10 Wall Ball
10 Thursters

My time was approx. 35:30
Wall Ball - 12 lb Ball
Thrusters - 20 lb DBs

September 11, 2009

Little Baby Kicks and Dreams!

I am so excited, happy and grateful that I just had to share my experience with you guys... like I told you in a post earlier this week I have been feeling potential baby movement for the the last couple of days. I am now 100% sure that I felt it and these were no flutters my friends, these felt like actual kicks and it was one of the most amazing things I have ever felt! I had described it earlier this week as popcorn popping cause that is what it actually felt like but just a second ago I read on this weekly pregnancy update that baby sends me that for a lot of moms it actually does feel like popcorn kernels popping or a fish swimming around inside one of those plastic bags.

"Women have described the sensation as being like popcorn popping, a goldfish swimming around, butterflies fluttering, a tapping sensation, and bubbles. You'll probably chalk up those first gentle movements in your belly to gas or hunger pangs, but once you start feeling them more regularly, you'll recognize the difference. You're more likely to feel these early movements when you're sitting or lying quietly."

Just so excited to know for sure that it was our baby that I felt and that it wasn't just my hopeful imagination getting the best of me. Those little kicks could not have come at a better time either... last night I had my first real baby dream which was both exciting and startling. It was so cool to see our baby (it was a boy in the dream) and how it interacted with us but it made me want to feel/see the baby again so bad. It also made me that much more attached to the baby and feel that much closer to it... which in turn made me nervous and hoping that much more that we continue to have a healthy pregnancy and that nothing goes wrong. It's crazy what our minds are capable of doing when we let them run wild. All morning I have been feeling very nervous but still trying to have faith that everything is going well and that the baby is fine. Then all of sudden... BABY KICKS! It was the best thing that could have happened today and I am so grateful for having felt them :) What a great way to start off week 15!

September 10, 2009

Soreness and Week 14 Pictures

Wow, I am sooooo sore from that workout yesterday! Having a very difficult time sitting down and walking. My legs keep giving out on me hehe. Totally worth it though, it was a great workout! That being said though today is a rest day for me. Not too much going on today just printing out my belly pics from each week to put into the baby's photo album and doing things here around the house. Speaking of pictures I thought I would post my belly picture from week 14 since I will be 15 weeks tomorrow :) Only 13 more days till our 3d/4d ultrasound... can't wait!

Yay for my belly getting bigger :) I love it!

I took this picture Rico yesterday and I just thought it was too cute not to share with you guys. This is definitely his pouting face hehe such a character :) I think he was mad at this point cause Marley had stopped playing with him. Poor guy.

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday :)


September 09, 2009

Wednesday's (Wobbly Leg) Workout!

Today I did another workout at the gym with John, Ann and Clare. I LOVE the workout we did... probably cause it had two of my favorite things in it, Deadlifts and lunges. Felt really good during the whole workout and was able to keep a pretty good pace without getting too out of breath. I would just like to say that I was sweating, my butt was cramping and my legs were shaking for about an hour after this workout hehe it was just that good :) So here's the workout :

4 Rounds

100 meter Lunge Walk
25 Push Ups
10 Deadlifts (115 lbs.)

My time was 23:43. I was very excited because I was able to do my first two rounds of push ups all the way through without stopping :) Definitely an improvement for me, usually I get to about 15 and have a hard time getting up from the bottom of the push up after that. Felt really good today!

September 08, 2009

Tuesday's Workout

Today I went and did a workout at the gym with John, Ann and Gina. It was a good strength workout of Incline DB Bench Press, Pull Ups, Flyes, Rows, Pull Downs and KB Swings. Felt really good during the workout and had fun hanging out with everyone! Belly seems to becoming more of an issue when working out... need to be more aware of it and keep it from bumping into things hehe. Felt tired in a good way after this workout and hungry too!

Incline DB Bench Press - 25# DB/10, 30#DB/6, 30# DB/6, 30# DB/6, 30# DB/6

Pull Ups x 10
** First set I did 10 kipping pull ups, second set I did 5 kipping and 5 jumping, the rest I did all jumping.

Next Round of Exercises...

DB Flyes - 15 # DB/ 15 x 3 sets

Seated Rows - Weight ? / 12

Next Round of Exercises...

Pull Downs - 80#/ 15 x 3 sets

KB Swings - 12 kg./15

** Note: First number is the weight I used and the second number is the number of reps I did during each set.

Week 13 & 14 Video Update

Forgot to mention one of the most exciting things in the video, I thought I felt the baby move the other day when I was scrunched up on the couch... it felt like an eye twitch but in my stomach. Then today while I was blow drying my hair I felt a popping feeling in my stopping almost like a pop corn kernel exploded. It kept happening while the blow dryer was going and I have not felt it sense. It was very distinct and like nothing else I had felt before. Thinking I might really be feeling the baby move :) We'll see if it happens again over the next couple of days!

September 07, 2009

Monday's Workout and Nursery Ideas!

Happy Labor Day :)

Hope you all are having fun on this long weekend! Dan is still away at WLC so I have spent the last couple of days mowing the lawn, cleaning up the yard and the house and trying to get some ideas for the baby's room. It's actually been pretty fun but I still can't wait for him to get home so I can share the excitement with him!

As for my workout this morning, I did...

How many rounds in 15 minutes?

4 Pull Ups (Jumping)
4 Dips (Off the couch)
8 Push Ups
12 Squat Jumps

I completed 8 rounds... felt good. On the pull ups I had a pulling feeling on the sides of my stomach so I decided to do all of them jumping just to play it safe. I'm sure it was just the ligaments being stretched even further... but if it doesn't feel good I figure I probably shouldn't do it. Felt good besides that though :)

Now onto the really good stuff... the nursery ideas!! I spent almost all day yesterday and then part of this morning trying to come up with at least one idea that I liked and thought that Dan would like to. The problem is that we both want a simple and clean nursery without a lot of clutter but I would also like to tie in hints of nature throughout the room without it screaming that that's the theme of the room. So many of the bedroom sets that I've seen overdo the theme and it ends up looking really cluttered and kind of tacky (imo). So I found a couple of bed sets that I liked but then the tricky part came in when I tried to figure out how to tie nature in without it looking cheesy or overdone. All the way till I went to bed last night I could not find one thing that I thought would work... but then this morning I found it! I was so excited when I finally did find it! So here are some of the bed sets and wall decorations that I'm thinking about... still have to run them by Dan when he gets home and see what he thinks but I really think he's going to love them. Let me know what you guys think!
Love both of these... same design just different color. The reason I can't pick one is because we have this can of paint we bought a long time ago and never ended up using that would be really cute in a nursery and it's very similar to the light green color that is in second bedding set. So just waiting till Dan gets home to see if he definitely wants to use the paint or not. We will see! Also we'll most likely have a dark espresso colored crib and other furniture.I like this one... just to not so sure about the pattern that's on the blanket. But we don't necessarily have to show the pattern. It is kind of growing on me though the more I see it.

This is my all time favorite one and the one I fell in love with when I found it the other day... also how I got stuck on the light greenish/blue and brown theme :) They are my favorite colors though so that wasn't too tough to do. The only problem is that this set is quite a bit more expensive than the ones above which I found at target. This one is from Baby and Child Restoration Hardware. They have the cutest, most simple bedding sets... I love them so much! I'm still hanging on to he hope that we might be able to get this set... but I would definitely love any of these. The cool part is that these will work for either a girl or a boy for the most part depending on how you accessorize them. We still think it's a boy :) But we will find out for sure on Sept. 23rd, can't wait!!

Now for the really cool part... the wall decals -

Here's my favorite tree decal that I found.. there were a couple of others but this was the best one I thought for a nursery because it has kind of a whimsical look to it but still looks like a real tree at the same time. This decal would most likely go right above the crib.

I was trying to think of other things I could use to tie nature in throughout the room besides the tree and then I saw these little bird decals. I thought they were so cute and I love how they are all going in different directions, gives a sense of movement to it. I think besides some other small details like a stuffed animals, lighting and some black and white family photos that would be just about all we'd need for decoration.

I had a fun idea that I have wanted to use for a while to display those black and white photos. You take picture hanging wire and strand it across the wall from two nails or hooks. Then you just take your photos and clip them onto the wire. Thought this would be a unique way to display pictures in the baby's room.

If we find out that we are having a girl I have some ideas for the room in that case as well. I found some wall decals of dandelions and a little girls kneeling on the ground blowing a dandelion. Thought these were too cute! Also would probably have her name done in a decal in cursive or something along those lines. Would still use the same photo hanging idea I was talking about above. Here are the pictures of the dandelions -

So cute!

The more I look at it I think that the little girl decal would be really cute with the tree decal. Either would be good though. Let me know what you think!

That's about as far as I've gotten so far. Can't wait to show Dan and see what he thinks :) Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me... had to share it with someone!!

September 03, 2009

Workout and 13 Week Belly Pictures

Today is the last day of week 13 and also the last day of the first trimester (yay second trimester) - here's what my belly looks like so far!! Not too much has changed since last week as far as measurements go, still almost at 36". I do feel bigger though, that's for sure!

As for my workouts today...

I did yoga this morning which I definitely needed. I have been veryyy tight the last couple of days all through my hamstrings and butt. Felt good to relax and take time to just breath too :)

Then later in the day I did a workout with John... lots of fun at this one!

Part 1:

Tabata Deadlift (65 lbs) and Burpees
20 seconds of work : 10 seconds of rest
6 Rounds

My scores were 8/8, 8/6, 8/7, 8/7, 8/7, 8/7

Part 2:

Push Jerk - Skill Work (65 lbs)
5 reps x 3 sets

Part 3:

5 Pull Ups (As Strict As Possible) x 2

Great day of workouts! Very excited for yoga tomorrow morning with Clare :)
Have a goodnight everyone and WELCOME TO THE SECOND TRIMESTER AND WEEK 14!

September 02, 2009

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies... My Favorite and Nursery Ideas

Hey Everyone,

No workout for today but I did make my favorite fall dessert ... pumpkin chocolate chip cookies :) Wanted to share the recipe with you guys in case you wanted to try them. These turn out kind of like muffin tops instead of cookies, so they're a little bit softer. Soooo good!

Here is the link to the website -

Also, I'm starting to look around online for some ideas for the baby's nursery... was having a tough time figuring out what I was looking for exactly till I came across this website I love how their bedding is simple and clean looking... not to mention they use my favorite colors a lot - sea foam green and dark brown! My favorite set so far is the organic jersey set in sage. Let me know what you guys think :)

I am at the end of the 13th week today and am on to the second trimester starting tomorrow... YAY! I will take some photos of my 13 week belly later today and post them for you guys to see, it has grown quite a bit!

Hope you all are having a great day. I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY really quick to my friend and client Doris... be ready for a fun birthday workout when I see you on Tuesday :) Talk to you all soon.


September 01, 2009

Today's Workout... and My Favorite Salad!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am at 13 weeks and 4 days, yay :) Feeling much better all around these days!

As for today's workout that I did with John, Ann and Angie....

Bench Press 45/10, 65/8, 85/8, 95/7

Incline DB Bench 20#DB/10, 25#DB/8, 30#DB/7

I am veryyyy sore from the workout I did the other day in my triceps and in my hamstrings... so it felt very good to get moving again and loosen up a bit. Bench press felt good, 95# was a comfortable weight. Stomach feels different now when I lay down... tighter I guess is a good description. Angie put it well - it's like the baby is saying HEY! All of a sudden my room has become efficiency size! That's exactly what it felt like!

On a side note - my skin has been EXTREMELY itchy today in random places that don't usually get itchy. Thinking I might try some different lotion.

My favorite salad - when I was still living in AZ and going to school at ASU I worked at a restaurant called Chelsea's Kitchen... they have the BEST food ever and I miss it so much! Lately I have been craving my two favorite things that I used to get there, their Veggie Burger and their Arcadia Salad. The Arcadia Salad is a brussel sprout leaf salad with pancetta, dried cranberries and blueberries, manchego cheese and a honey mustard vinaigrette. Dan knew that I was we really craving these two things so on Sunday night he said that we could make them, yay :) At first we were just planning on the Veggie Burger because I didn't know how to make the salad but then all of a sudden on the internet I found the recipe!!! I was so so so excited and even more excited when the recipe turned out just like it had been at the restaurant! So I decided I needed to share this recipe with you all so you can enjoy it!

Here is the website where I found the recipe,0,7915994.story?page=1 .