September 09, 2009

Wednesday's (Wobbly Leg) Workout!

Today I did another workout at the gym with John, Ann and Clare. I LOVE the workout we did... probably cause it had two of my favorite things in it, Deadlifts and lunges. Felt really good during the whole workout and was able to keep a pretty good pace without getting too out of breath. I would just like to say that I was sweating, my butt was cramping and my legs were shaking for about an hour after this workout hehe it was just that good :) So here's the workout :

4 Rounds

100 meter Lunge Walk
25 Push Ups
10 Deadlifts (115 lbs.)

My time was 23:43. I was very excited because I was able to do my first two rounds of push ups all the way through without stopping :) Definitely an improvement for me, usually I get to about 15 and have a hard time getting up from the bottom of the push up after that. Felt really good today!

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