September 24, 2009

It's A Baby Girl !!!!

We had our 3/D Ultrasound yesterday and let me tell you... it was AMAZING!! Because of where everything is positioned in there we were able to get an extremely clear picture for only being 16 weeks and 5 days :) We got to see her kick her little feet (right into my bladder I might add which was hilarious - might not be in a couple months when I can feel it hehe but for now it was cute to see her reclining back with her feet propped up on it), jump around, twist and turn! She was all over the place! I had just had a chick-fil-a sandwich on my way to the appointment and I am thinking that this little one already loves chick-fil-a as much as I do :) She had her fists squeezed tight most of the time but occasionally she would open and close them, rub her face and even suck her thumb! Finding out she was a she and not a he was a little bit tricky and took some time... she did not want to show the goods. But eventually the technicians got enough quick glances that they were confident in telling us it's a GIRL! She sure surprised us... we were thinking it was a boy the whole time. So happy to finally know for sure and to be able to call her by her name - which is Ava Marie Collinsworth and to be able to picture her in there :) I feel like ever since the ultrasound I have been in this kind of dream world just thinking about her hehe hopefully sometime today I'll be able to peel myself away from the pictures and get some things done. What an amazing experience to have with Dan and our little girl :)

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