September 15, 2009

Monday and Tuesday's Workouts

Hi there! Just updating everyone on my workouts for yesterday and today. I'm really glad that I started posting my workouts on here... it's really helped hold me accountable. Hope you guys don't get bored reading about them :)

Monday - Workout with John

Strength Part:

Incline DB Bench - 20#/10, 25#/6, 30#/5, 30#/5, 30#/5

Hanging Power Cleans - 45#/10, 65#/6, 85#/4, 95#/2, 105#/1

Metcon Part:

Row 500
25 x Cleans
Row 400
20 x Cleans
Row 300
15 x Cleans
Row 200
10 x Cleans
Row 100
5 x Cleans

** Cleans were done at 55# and kept approx. 2:05 min. pace/500m. for rowing **

I can't remember now how long this one took but I felt really good during the whole thing. Had to take more breaks in the beginning of the workout in order to keep my breathing under control but towards the end I was able to keep a pretty consistent pace without getting too tired since the reps and distance were decreasing. I was AMAZED that I was able to do a 105# clean without it feeling very difficult. Before I became pregnant a 115# clean was the heaviest I had gone and that felt REALLY hard! I think in some ways pregnancy is making certain things easier for me some how and also the rest I've been getting has been good for me I think. VERY excited about the cleans though... there is still hope for me yet (cleans have not been a strength of mine in the past)!


5 Rounds

5 Thrusters
7 Power Cleans
10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls

My time was 9:41 and the weight I used was 55#. I felt really good on this workout as well. Easily kept breathing under control with a small break at the end of each round and occasionally between movements in the later rounds. Using the lower weight really helps me to keep the workouts under control. Feeling good :) Hope my workouts continue to feel this good for the rest of the pregnancy... I have a feeling things will start to get interesting though once I get bigger hehe but we will see. Just grateful to still be moving well and feeling good.

Have a good day everyone!

p.s. Dan is home on Thursday from his leadership school... yayyyy can't wait to see him!

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