August 30, 2009

Sunday Workout With Dan

I was feeling very stiff again this morning so Dan and I decided to do an afternoon workout. I chose one with running... I really miss it and had fun with the workout the other day that had running in it. Dan chose a CrossFit Football ( workout that he's been wanting to do for a while now called Volkswagon - he completed it in 7:43 (really good time!) My workout was from CrossFit Mom:

5 Rounds

200 m. Run
10 Push Ups
10 Good Mornings (45#)
10 Pull Ups

My time was 19:20 which I was really happy with considering the breaks that I take to catch my breath. The run, push ups and good mornings felt GREAT! And as always the stretching was much needed, especially through my shoulders and upper back. The pull ups I was able to do 5-4 strict for the first 3 rounds and the rest jumping with one foot. The last 2 rounds I did all jumping with one foot. Was quite a bit hotter outside today than it was Friday during the workout... but I just love working out outside! Made sure to stay in the shade, drink water and take breaks so the heat wasn't too much of an issue. Only really felt myself getting hot right after the run. Overall great workout... Dan was a great coach during the whole thing and cheered me on the whole time :) I love my husband so much and am a very lucky girl!

p.s. I have a confession to make - I ate something really weird the other day. A grape with mustard on top! I love mustard and love eating it my itself but mustard on top os a grape is an all time low for me hehe just thought I would share. Dan is thoroughly grossed out by me now... as if all of the other lovely pregnancy symptoms aren't enough hehe poor guy!

Hope you all are having a good weekend, talk to you soon!

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cait said...

I dont think a grape and mustard is that gross. I am obsessed with both of them and could probably handle them both together. Its a little bit of sweet, sour, and salty all together :). I love the video blogs because i feel like i am right there talking to you. Glad everything is going well. MUAH! Keep the blogs coming, i love reading them. xoxox miss you both