August 18, 2009

Workouts Saturday - Tuesday

Hey everyone... here are my workouts for the last couple of days. Better late then never, right :)

Saturday - Yoga with Dan

Dan and I woke up early and did my yoga DVD together... it was a lot of fun and entertaining to say the least being that it's a prenatal yoga DVD and Dan is definitely not pregnant! In the beginning they tell you to put one hand on your stomach where the baby is and one hand on your heart and to connect with the baby... I love this part but it was too funny watching Dan try and figure out what to do with himself when she said to do this :) The yoga is so good for both of us because of our inflexibility and good for me because it teaches me to slow down and relax! Love it!

Sunday - Workout with Dan at home

6 x Deadlift (50#)
6 x Hanging Power Cleans (50 #)
6 x Thrusters (50#)
15 x Push Ups

5 Rounds

Felt good during this workout. Heart rate was about 140 BPM when I stopped which is pretty good. Afterward I felt a little too tired. I'm thinking that keeping the bar in my hands through the first three movements during each round made me go through that part of the workout a little too quickly. Next time we do a workout like this I plan on setting the weight down in between each movement... even if I might not want to since I feel good at the time.

Monday - Workout with Ann

750 M. Row
20 x MB Cleans
20 x Situps
20 x KBS (20#)
450 M. Row
20 x Wall Ball (12#)
20 x Situps
20 x KBS (20#)
150 M. Row
10 x Turkish Get Ups (12#)
20 x Bench Dips
20 x Push Ups

LOVED this workout! I think the variety kept it interesting for me... especially since I'm not able to go all out like I used to. Will definitely go back to this type of workout format again!

Tuesday - Workout with John and Ann

Bench Press 65#/6, 85#/6, 95#/6, 95#/6, 95#/6
Box Jumps x 5
Run 200 m.

Haven't done bench press in a while but felt great on these. 95 # felt like the perfect amount of weight for this movment. Was not straining very much at all to get the weight up and was able to do 6 reps comfortably. Felt good to do box jumps again... haven't done those in a while either. Got a stomach cramp while running hehe haven't had that happen in a longgg time!

** As for exercises where I have to lie on my back, I am planning on cutting those out in a couple weeks once I get close to the 2nd trimester. Apparently once the uterus gets to a certain size it can press down and cut off the circulation to the baby if you lay on your back. Definitely don't want to do that, so I'll be playing it safe!

Hope everyone's having a good Tuesday :)

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