August 28, 2009

Sweet Relief... Finally A Workout!!

Wow... I can not explain how badly I needed that workout! The second I started stretching I could literally feel my blood start flowing to my arms and legs. I think my belly has been hording all of the blood flow for itself and my limbs have been surviving on the bare minimum. Stretching has never felt so good :) I have no idea why I waited till Friday to do a workout... I should have known I would feel so much better once I got outside and started the workout. It is a great day here for doing a workout outside too, not too humid, cloudy and in the upper 80's i believe. The fresh air was great too... I think I'm going to ask Dan if we can go for a hike or something this weekend, I just love the outdoors so much! The workout was very relaxing for me, despite the crazy dog that lives across the street that barked at me the whole time. It was good practice for me on focusing my thoughts on positive things instead of focusing on the negative (the dog). Worked pretty well :) I did have to run inside in the middle of the workout though to go to the bathroom... all the bouncing during the run made me have to go. Here's the workout:

4 Rounds

400 m. run
25 Squats

My time was 15:26

On another note... my right eye keeps twitching. It has been going pretty much constantly for a week or two now. I am guessing it's just because of the increased blood flow but it's pretty crazy how often it does it. Oh well, just one of those things I guess.

Dan got home from the field a couple of hours ago, yayyyy!! He's already asleep though hehe not that I blame him. He only got about 4 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. Hopefully he'll wake up later so we can hang out for a little bit. He also gave me some news today... as I already knew he'll be going to WLC (Warrior Leader Course) next Tuesday for two weeks but he told me today he will also be going to Ranger School sometime soon after he gets home from WLC. Ranger School is 60 some days long. I'm a little sad but still excited for him to go :) By the time he gets home it will be near the end of December and I will be 30 weeks along... time sure does go by fast when you look at it like that hehe. So I'm sad for the little things he'll miss while he's gone but at least he'll still have 10 or so weeks to be home before the baby arrives.

That's all the news for now... everyone is asleep here except me... Rico is snoring and Dan is talking in his sleep hehe I love my family, they make me laugh :) Talk to you all soon!

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adamhannah said...

Oh no Ashley, that means he won't be there for Thanksgiving :( Goodness gracious we really won't be able to see both of you this year. Tell Daniel I'm really happy for him to be going to Ranger Training again, but poo on him for being gone so long.