August 24, 2009

Workouts and Very Exciting Updates :)

Happy Monday Everyone :)

Just wanted to update you that I have taken a break from workouts since Thursday but will be doing yoga this morning and possibly a workout later today. Will update later if I do.

Very exciting news before I go ...

Dan bought us a portable dishwasher yesterday so I won't have to spend time washing dishes anymore :) Huge relief for now and will be even better when the baby gets here! Got a great deal on it too which is always exciting, not to mention the family that we bought it from gave us a couple packs of all natural dish detergent to go with it that smells great! This is very exciting because I have been trying to switch over to all natural cleaning products since we found out I was pregnant. Overall better for us and better for the baby :)

Also... we are starting to rip up all of the carpet in the house since we found out recently that we have hardwood floors underneath :) Very excited about this change!

That's all for today... I will be doing the next video update today or tomorrow :) Have a great day everyone and I will talk to you all soon!

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