August 10, 2009

Beach Trip

Day Trip to Carolina Beach :)

Dan planned a day trip for us to go to the beach on Sunday and we had so much fun! We left the house around 4:30 am and got got there around 7:00. Missed the sunrise by about a half hour but we didn't mind... the beach was nice and quiet since we got there so early. We sat on the beach for a while when we first got there. We didn't see any dolphins but we did see a baby shark washed up on the beach. It was sad but interesting to see. After that we went to breakfast at our favorite place, Kate's Pancake House in Carolina Beach. I loveeee their Banana Walnut Pancakes :) So good! Then we headed back to the beach to relax and go swimming. We had so much fun swimming and trying to beat the waves. After a while we had swallowed so much salt water from being hit by the waves that we decided we better get out. After that we headed down to Wilmington to this place that has my favorite Chicken Salad Sandwich - it has pineapple in it and is served on a croissant :) Yum! It's right on the beach and we got a seat upstairs with a really good view. Then it was time to head home. Such a great day! We were amazed after thinking about it that next time we will most likely get a chance to go to the beach our baby will be here... that will be a trip to remember :)

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