August 11, 2009

CrossFitting During Pregnancy - Daily Updates

Hi everyone! I decided today that I am going to start doing daily posts on my workouts to help me hold myself accountable during the pregnancy. I still love doing my workouts but it's very easy to let the tiredness, nausea and all that other fun stuff get in the way and keep me from working out... I do not enjoy this. So I am hoping that by posting them on here it will help me be more consistent with them! I will be doing a combination of CrossFit Mom workouts, workouts I make up on my own or workouts with John at the gym.

For those of you that have not heard of CrossFit before you should definitely check it out... this is the type of training we do at Designs in Fitness/CrossFit Cape Fear where I am a personal trainer. We use all functional movements - running, jumping, throwing, pushing and pulling (things you need to be able to do in everyday life), at high intensity (as fast as possible with good form) and with lots of different variations. It is an amazing program because anyone can do it... even if you're pregnant :) If you want more info feel free to ask me any questions you might have or you can check out their main site at

As for my workouts... yesterday evening I did one after resting for most of the weekend (excpet for swimming in the ocean which ended up being more of a workout than I anticipated!).


21 - 15 - 9
Shoulder Press (50# BB)
Dips (on the edge of the couch)
Push Ups

I felt great during the workout... triceps were burning that's for sure! Afterwards I felt pretty gross. Stomach a little upset and just plain tired. I'm thinking I need to try and do most of my workouts in the morning from now on. I always seem to feel better when I do them in the morning. Still very glad that I got a workout in though despite the nasty feelings :)


4 Rounds

15 Pull Ups
15 Lunges
15 Knee To Elbows

** Going to add a 400 m. Run in between each round

Will be doing this one in a little bit... will let you know how it goes :) It's getting pretty hot outside so I will most likely only do the run outside and the rest indoors. Gotta love that NC humidity :) It is a beautiful day though!

... Just finished this one. Ended up doing the whole thing outside just cause I haven't spent much time outside lately and I miss it! Was pretty hot but I made sure to take lots of breaks and drink water in between rounds. Glad I added the run, felt really good and averaged around 1:32 for each 400 m. The first part is down hill though so it's not actually as fast at seems. That's all for today!

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