October 01, 2009

Workout Update

Hey Everyone!

This week I have been a little sick so my workouts have not been what they normally are but I still have tried to stay active.

Tuesday - Yoga... which was much needed!

I have started to get cramping in my hips/butt in the middle of the night or when I sit for too long. These cramps can get to be pretty intense at times so I was thinking that the yoga might help loosen me up a little bit. It felt great on my muscles during but alas I have still been getting the cramps at night. That's ok... it just seems to be another one of the regular pregnancy symptoms.

Wednesday - Workout with John, Ann and Clare

Incline DB Bench 20#/10, 25#/10, 30#/10, 30#/10, 30#/10, 30#/10
DB Rows 20#/10, 25#/10 x 5
Box Jumps - 2 small boxes stacked

Cash out - 35 x Knees To Elbows

Workout went great... breathing was a little difficult during parts of the workout because of my cold but not a big deal. Decreased the box jumps from the big wooden box that I would normally use to two small green irrigation boxes stacked. Now that falling is more of an issue I am starting to be very careful with things like box jumps and such.

Hopefully this cold will be gone soon and we can get be back to the normal routine :)

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