October 01, 2009

Week 17 Pictures

Here is my belly picture for week 17... onto week 18 tomorrow, yay!! Is it just me or is time flying by so fast right now? Ava is going to be here before we know it :) Trying to enjoy every minute of the pregnancy that I can since I know it will be over in the blink of an eye!

Not sure if it seems like there's been much change from the last picture but let me tell you my belly is growing by the second it seems hehe I just love it! As you can kind of see in this picture the top ridge of my belly button is starting to really stick out, which I think is funny since I have always had an innie until now. Never knew that i could be so amused by getting to see he bottom of my belly button for the first time! Speaking of my belly... the other day I was cold so I went to put on an old hooded sweatshirt that was in the closet... I did not get very far up with the zipper before it got stuck. I thought there might be something in the way that was blocking the zipper from going up hehe not the case... it was just my bump. This is when it really hit home how much Ava and I have grown over the last couple of weeks. I love little moments like this that really bring me back to reality and I realize that our little girl really is in there and she is the amazing thing behind all of these changes :) I may not be as graceful as I once was (which i wasn't that graceful to begin with :) ), or move as quickly, or fit into my old clothes... but I love love love every second of it cause it's all for her!

Just thought I'd add this picture in for fun... this is my amazing husband Dan and our two pups Rico and Marley lounging on the couch :) These three make me smile!

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CityCowboy said...

I miss you both. So very happy for you!