October 13, 2009

Nursery Bedding and Decorations

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to update everyone and some of the things that Dan and I have been buying for Ava and her nursery. I am sooo excited about how planning for the nursery is coming along... can't wait to get it all together. On Saturday Dan had just gotten home from his CQ duty and needed to get some sleep so I decided to go out looking for bedding for Ava's room as well as some other decorations that we have been talking about getting. Here's a picture do all of the things we have for her nursery so far:

Brown bumper, cream sheet, cream sheet with light sage design, baby blanket (my favorite!) and the butterfly wall art.

Block letter spelling out Ava... these were too cute to pass up!

The color scheme is going to be very simple - cream, tan and dark brown... I just think it's going to be so cozy! Not to mention since the bedding and walls are going to be on the plain side it means we can have that much more fun making a statement with the accents and decorations! Some of the accents that we'll be putting in the room are the butterfly wall art, a butterfly shadow box which I made myself and silhouette pictures which I also made. It has been so much fun working on these art projects for Ava's room and getting to let my creative side out and at the same time getting to make something for our daughter :) Here are some pictures of what I have finished so far -

Butterfly Shadow Box - This was so simple to make but the finished product is so pretty and makes quite the statement! Not to mention it was a lot of fun to make!

Silhouette I made of one of our fur babies - Marley :)

The second silhouette I made of our other fur baby - Rico! These were also a lot of fun to make and I love love love the finished product. I am also going to do a silhouette of Dan and I... just have to find a good picture to use. I love being able to incorporate our family into Ava's room in a fun way.

That's what we've put together so far. Very excited to see how everything comes together and I hope Ava loves her room :) In the mean time I'm going to enjoy using my creative side to make a special space for her!
p.s. Dan will most likely be making something for her room as well - we're thinking either a bookcase or a mobile for above her crib. I'm excited to see what he comes up with!

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