October 05, 2009

Fran - Workout of the day

Today Dan and I went to the group workout at CrossFit Cape Fear and the workout of the day was a really good one... FRAN! Neither of us had done Fran in a veryyyy long time so I was excited to see how we felt doing it.



Thrusters (Ash - 55#, Dan - 95#)
Pull Ups (Ash - Jumping, Dan - Kipping)

Dan got an AMAZING pr of 5:36... his previous time was 8 minutes and something seconds :) I was very excited for him! I was not going for a fast time since I need to take it a little bit slower to keep Ava safe but was excited to feel really good throughout the whole workout and finish with a time of 7:59. Lots of fun working out with the group and seeing everyone do such a great job on such a tough workout!

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