October 27, 2009

Updating Our Bathroom

One of the major projects that Dan and I have wanted to do for a while now is to update our bathroom. It was by far our least favorite room in the house but now after giving it some love it is our favorite room in the house :) With a bunch of our friends coming into town to visit we wanted the house to look nice... it gave us the perfect excuse to get going! Here are some pictures -

All we did to fix the bathroom up was add a new coat of paint, rip out the old nasty laminate tiles and put in new ones, replace the old mirror with our new $20 one from Roses and install some new towel racks along with new towels. Overall it only took us about 2 days or so to complete and not very much money at all. So happy that we finally can check this project off of our list :) Nesting is in full swing at the Collinsworth household!

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