October 06, 2009

Workout, Movement and Visitors

Today Dan had the day off since he will be out in the field for a few days so we got the chance to go do a workout with John at CrossFit which was a lot of fun... even with the soreness that we both had from doing Fran yesterday! Here's what we did...

Row 500m.
5 Clean and Jerks (Ash - 85#, Dan - 135#)
Row 400 m.
4 Clean and Jerks
Row 300 m.
3 Clean and Jerks
Row 200 m.
2 Clean and Jerks
Row 100 m.
1 Clean and Jerk

** I did Hanging Power Cleans, Dan and John did Full Cleans **

Not sure about our times for this workout but I think it took about 15 minutes. This was a really fun workout and I enjoyed being able to go a little bit heavier since we were doing so few repetitions. The only bad part was that I felt like I had to go pee the entire workout hehe but everything else was great!


The last couple of days I have been able to feel Ava move so much and am able to tell now without a doubt that it's her :) She is also starting to move more at specific times during the day... usually she starts around 10 am or so and then will start up again in the later afternoon right before dinner and go all the way until bed time. I love being able to feel her more often and feeling her kicks get stronger everyday! Also, the coolest thing happened on Sunday while Dan and I were at church. We were sitting there listening to our pastor and I started to feel Ava move so I pressed my fingers to my belly to see if she would do it again and did she ever! She gave such a strong kick that I almost jumped out of my seat! Dan realized what had happened so he put his hand in the same spot and within a couple of seconds he felt it too! This was such a special moment and I love being able to share Ava's kicks with Dan :)


So excited... two of my best friends from high school are coming to visit the weekend of October 24th :) Haven't gotten to spend time with both of them in a veryyy long time. Can't wait! Here are some old pictures of me, Chelsa and Meg from when we ran XC together in high school... ahh the memories!

That's us :)

We used to have so much fun - girls team at the SMAC (Southern Maryland Athletic Conference) Meet :)

After a run in the mud! I'm on the left, Meg is the third from the left and Chelsa is the first one on the right. High school seems like it happened just yesterday... but it was really almost 6 years ago now :( Crazy how time flies. Glad we have all of these great memories to look back on though to remind us of how much fun we had!

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