January 17, 2010

Week 32 Belly Pictures and Updates

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post.... things have been kind of crazy lately. We've been having a good weekend spending time with Dan's Mom, brother and our niece Lily who will be here till tomorrow afternoon. Lily is ADORABLE and makes me very excited to meet our own little one very soon. On Friday afternoon I also got to have some maternity photos taken by my friend Sam who is a photographer here in Fayetteville - she is really really good at what she does and can't wait to see the pictures :) Here are two that her husband Mike took of the two of us on the day we took the photos -

Me at 32 weeks and Sam at 20 weeks :) Can't wait to meet little Dean!

Ava is doing great still and has been doing some crazy movements as usual! Her feet seem to be higher up in my belly than before which I'm assuming means that she's in the head down position now - yay good work Ava! I feel lots of hard spots now but can't quite tell what they are - except for her feet. I'm really looking forward to putting the finishing touches on her room over the next couple of weeks, getting the rest of the house clean and organized and of course I'm excited for our baby shower that's coming up on January 30th! That's about all for now... going to go have a piece of cake and some ice cream with Dan :)

p.s. Moving around has become quite a bit more difficult... leaning forward even the slightest bit is pretty much out of question hehe it's so interesting to have difficulty moving around. Can't imagine what it'll be like by the end!

Love <3


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