January 05, 2010

Ava's Room

This past weekend we spent most of our time working on Ava's room and we were able to finish up with the painting and put together her dresser :) We're soooo happy with how it has turned out so far - here are some pictures...


Finished painting the top half!

Assembling the Dresser

So excited we are finally putting the dresser together... we told ourselves we couldn't put the dresser together till we were done with the painting. The motivation worked :)

Dan getting started with the dresser - this picture gives you a good idea of how the paint colors and the crib look next to each other too.

Dresser complete - yay!!

Ava's Dad and her room! He did such a great job with everything :)

Now that we've finished up with the painting and have the dresser together it's onto the decorating and organizing which I'm really excited about getting started on. Will most likely start with the wall decorations and figuring out where all of those will look best. Also will be working on getting her clothes organized in her dresser and cleaning out her closet. I'm excited about all of these things though... it may seem like work to someone else but I love this kind of stuff! That's all for today. Hope you all are having a great Tuesday so far :) We have our rescheduled 3d / 4d ultrasound today... will let you all know how that goes!


Samantha Huddleston said...

The room looks wonderful! Good job you two/three!!

Courtney Grace said...

I just wanted to say how excited I am for the both of you! The room looks amazing and CONGRATS!