December 17, 2009

Week 28 Belly Picture and Update

Hey Everyone!

Well another week is coming to a close and I can still hardly believe how fast time is going by now and how fast Ava is growing! I have been getting to feel her move in different ways the last week or so - it has turned from kicks and punches into rolling and pressing type of movements. I always try and picture what she's doing in there and which body part is pressing against my belly. It's tough to figure out right now but I'm thinking in a couple of weeks it should be easier to tell. This past month Ava was the size of an eggplant weighing in at around 2.5 pounds. In this 7th month she will now be the size of a squash and will weigh 3.8 pounds by the end of this month :) I can really start to feel her weight shifting around when I lay down or when she lays off to one side more than the other. Bending over is also becoming quite a challenge and it appears that my organs are moving further and further up along with Ava making this difficult. Dan has had to help me tie my shoes and paint my toe nails now (very sweet of him!) a couple of times. I have also been getting more and more worn out during the day despite how little or how much I do - this has the been the toughest thing for me to get used to so far since I'm not able to necessarily do all of the things I'd like to do during the day... taking it easy so I don't tire both me and Ava out is very important to me though (not saying I am good at always taking it easy - I'm working on it). Workouts have decreased quite a bit but if I am feeling good still later in the afternoon I will usually get one in and as always I am loving yoga! As the weeks continue to fly by I am getting more and more excited with anticipation about meeting Ava face to face for the first time. I can only imagine how amazing it is going to be to finally have her with us - Dan is as excited as I am, especially since he doesn't get to spend the quality time with her right now like I do :) I wanted to share this poem that I read on another pregnancy blog that I love to follow :

Awaiting Little You By Sherri L. Sides

Coming into my world, is what I long await
Nine months have passed so slowly, giving you and me time to relate.
Your arrival will give wings to us, changing couple to sweet family,
Bonding us all in our lifetimes as the two of us become three.
I have read to you lines of poetry to develop your love of verse,
I have sung to you songs and hymns I love, to quench your spiritual thirst. I have s
poken to you of family and the world they mean to me,
All of whom will surround you soon, this beautiful new baby to see.
I have spoken to you of our home and the warmth and love you will bring, may you always know your importance here and how your laughter will make my heart sing. I have spoken to you of God, the joy and hope He gives to my heart, praying that you, too, will discover the richness His love imparts. Little baby you just can't imagine wondrous blessings as your life begins, may you feel the love that we have for you and know that it has no end.

Me and Ava at 28 weeks :)
Somehow my belly button is still in... but just barely.

Thanks to the blogger that shared this poem - I absolutely fell in love with it when I read it and couldn't help but cry a little out of pure excitement for us to meet Ava in a few short months. Hope you all enjoyed it too - especially you other expectant Mama's out there :)

As for things that have been going on this week - just finishing up Christmas presents, had another puppy play date with my friend Sam, took my 1 hr. glucose tolerance test (YUCK!) and today I'll be going to my next prenatal appointment. Hope you all have a great rest of your week and that you all are enjoying the holiday spirit - I know I am and especially just taking time to let others know how much they mean to me and reflecting on all Dan and I have to be grateful for :)

<3 Love,

Ash, Dan and Baby Ava

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