December 14, 2009

Family Christmas Photo

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday - hope you all have a great start to your weeks! Just thought I would post our family Christmas photo for this year. We have never attempted to use the timer on our camera to take a picture of the whole family - to say the least we had to try it a couple of times before we got it right :) It was a lot of fun though - and some of the pictures are pretty funny!

Family :)

Our Christmas tree - we both think that Christmas trees are so pretty on their own that we never decorate ours. I think we'll probably start though once Ava gets old enough to enjoy that tradition.

Eeek - this is what happens when you use the timer for the first time hehe :)

That's better - Dan, me and Ava <3

As for our weekend - it was nice and relaxing! We watched a bunch of movies including Boondock Saints 2, The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, Night at The Museum 2, A year Without A Santa Claus and some others that I can't remember. We got to spend Saturday night hanging out at my friend Sam's house and played this game called Continental (fun game - we need to play this again soon when we're not all tired). Sunday we got to sleep in a little, go to an AWESOME church service at Manna, relax that whole afternoon, run some repeats in front of the house and make some Christmas candy :) It was a great weekend and I'm so glad to have Dan home from the field!!

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