December 31, 2009

Christmas Update

Happy New Year;s Eve Day Everyone :)

Hope you all had a great Christmas and are ready to have a great New Year! Dan and I had an awesome Christmas in Maryland with my family... we even got to see lots of snow while we were up there (the pups loved it too!). It has been a while since my last post so I am going to do an over view of all the fun things that have happened since then...

Ava's First Christmas Presents

Picture of me being cheesy with Ava's first Christmas Present from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Hampton :)

Her presents - My favorite part about the first one is that the sleeves fold over to make little mittens... the second one will be really cute once it gets warm outside!

Ava's AWESOME new jogging stroller that we got from Bi-Bi and Grandpa Troy... can't wait to take this out for a spin once Ava gets here (lots of trails to run on base!).

Thanks everyone for the sweet gifts for Ava!

Painting Ava's Room

Before we left for Maryland we started painting Ava's room... here's a picture of Dan before we started (he's so cute!). The bottom half looks great and we're going to hopefully get started on the top half today which will be a slightly lighter color than what you see below. We really love the dark wood of her crib and soon to be dresser against this tan color!

It's coming along!

Christmas Treats

Dan working on the insane amount of chocolate pretzels we made - we made these for my Mama for her birthday around Thanksgiving and they liked them so much that they asked us to make them for Christmas too :) So we made them...

Buckeyes - Peanut Butter dipped in Chocolate, yum!

We also made sugar cookies which were my personal favorites - so simple but so tasty. We had lots of fun making these even though we waited till the last minute... thank goodness Dan helped out so much or else I would have been up all night :) It would have been worth it though since the family enjoyed them so much!

Christmas Eve Pictures

Me and Ava - Christmas Eve 2009

Dan, Me and Ava - Christmas Eve 2009

Me and my brother Connor (he's growing up so fast!) - Christmas Eve 2009

My family - Connor, Troy and Mama :)

It was a great Christmas Eve with my family... Aunt Pooh and Ed were there too! We all went out to dinner at Morton's and got to have a lot of tasty food. My favorites were the salad with Thousand Island dressing, mac and cheese and the chocolate lava dessert - yum! Ava seemed pretty excited about the food as well and also the Journey we listened to on the way home (she was rolling her feet and hands all over the place - I loved it!). Dan and I also went to church for the candlelight service once we got home from dinner.

So that was our Christmas in a nutshell! I wish I had a picture of the pups playing in the snow... they had so much fun. We're home now and ready to spend the next couple of months getting ready for Ava's arrival - only about 2 months to go!

Have a great New Years Eve everyone! We'll be spending it with some great friends here in Fayetteville :)

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