December 10, 2009

Fun Things - Week 27

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to post a quick list of some fun things that happened this week :

  • Puppy play date with my friend Sam and her pups Gracie and Sylvia - Rico of course tried to be the dominate one of the group as always but like usual he was over thrown by a female... poor guy :)

  • Watched Julia and Julie - such a good movie... just made me feel good! Not to mention it was fun to snuggle with the pups on the couch during the movie since Dan is in the field this week
  • Got all of Dan's presents bought and wrapped this week. Very excited about giving one gift in particular. I hope he likes it!

  • Went to the Trees for Troops event on base and got our beautiful free Christmas tree - this thing is ginormous and was at least 3 x heavier than all the other ones I looked at while I was there. So glad I got in line early this year - it was a zoo when I was leaving. Couldn't help but think about next year when Ava will be with us to pick out our tree :)

  • Got the tree inside and set up all on my own... this always makes me feel good, especially when it's a monster like this one!
  • Realized I have almost gained 30 pounds and can't believe it because I don't feel that much heavier. Feeling good and glad that Ava is growing healthy!

  • I have become a true chocoholic this week - hot chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate covered cookies, chocolate ice cream... you name it and I would LOVE to have some of it!
  • Set the date for the baby shower - January 30 @ 6:30 PM - Thank you John and Clare for planning it, it means so much to us.
  • Realized that we are in the THIRD TRIMESTER starting tomorrow (week 28) - home stretch here we come! We are so close to meeting Ava I can barely believe it.
  • Enjoyed spending time with great friends, clients and talking with my family that lives far away. I am so blessed to have such amazing people all around me.

That's all for my quick update of fun things that occurred this week. Dan will be home tomorrow but first I'll be going to yoga, planning a tasty dinner for him and hopefully working on Ava's room before he gets home. Hope you all have a great night and enjoy this wintery weather :)

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