December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving Photos

Hey Everyone!

We made it home safely from Maryland and are finally getting back into the swing of things here at home. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and we hope you all had a great Thanksgiving as well :) Here are some pictures from our trip - only ended up taking a few:

My family on Thanksgiving morning before our annual Thanksgiving 5 mile race - the race was a lot of fun and I was able to run the whole thing without stopping, yay! My brother was so sweet and stayed with me the whole time so I would have some company :) Everyone else had fun racing and got some pretty good times!
In the photo (left to right): My Brother Connor, Step Dad Troy, my Mom Lya, random turkey, Me, Aunt Pooh and Dan.

My Mom's beautiful Thanksgiving table :) She is an amazing decorator and I am convinced she'll own her own decorating company someday soon (hint hint)!! She always does such an awesome job of making Thanksgiving a special day for everyone. Thanks Mama!

Mama getting everything ready... at the crucial moment before everything is done!

Those are pretty much all the pictures I have from the trip :( Wish I had taken more but we were busier than I thought we would be. I will work on taking more at Christmas time... which is coming up very quickly by the way - eek! I can hardly believe how quickly time is flying by. In 3 short months or so Ava will be here with is :)

Highlights of the trip:
  • Getting to see my family for Thanksgiving and my Mom's birthday
  • Having some funny conversations at dinner with the family - those are always the best!
  • Surprise fireworks at National Harbor on the night before my Mom's birthday - fireworks are one of her favorite things and this was an AMAZING fireworks display. The willow tree one was my favorite.
  • Georgetown shopping for my Mom's birthday - got to spend time with my Mom and Aunt Pooh and find a bunch of great buys including two pairs of awesome boots (Thank you Aunt Pooh and Mom for your help!).
  • Black Friday shopping with Dan - something I have never done before but had fun wandering around with Dan, yay for Bath and Body Works sales!
  • Dan and I getting to recreate some college memories at Einstein Bagels - we used to eat there almost everyday when we both went to ASU. They had our favorite holiday coffee too - yum!
  • Dan surprising me with a cross necklace that we saw while we were out on Black Friday :) He hung it on our bedroom door at the house so I would find it - so sweet!
  • Ava getting to be around and hear everyone's voices - can't imagine how amazing it will be to have her there with us next year for Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  • Just being home - I love it there so much.
Things I am grateful for:
  • My husband Dan and our little family - including Rico and Marley :)
  • Our baby girl Ava and the smooth/healthy pregnancy that we've had so far - here's to the next 3 months going just as smoothly.
  • All of our friends and family - I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people and am so happy that Ava will have such loving people in her life from the very beginning.
  • Our cozy home - lots of memories yet to made here!
  • Our jobs - very thankful for the stability that we have.
  • All of the things we have had the opportunity to experience and grow from this year - it was a BIG year for our little family, lots of happy times and some rough times but all of them have helped us to grow in a very good way. God is so good :)
  • The opportunity to do the things we love everyday.

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