November 02, 2009

Day Trip to Raleigh

Hey Everyone!

On Saturday Dan and I decided that it would be good for us to get out Fayetteville and go have some fun so we decided to take a day trip to Raleigh. We had SO much fun! We got there around lunch time so we went to this place called Hi 5 which I had heard of a while ago and was interested in trying... everything on the menu is 5 dollars which I thought was awesome! Dan got a southwest style burger and I got a BBQ bacon burger... YUM! Oh and how can I forget the onion rings... they were literally the best onion rings I have ever had... yes I am quite the onion ring connoisseur in case you didn't know :) They also had a bunch of the football games on which Dan liked. On the way to the restaurant we saw a place called the cupcake shoppe so we decided to walk down there for dessert. This place was so cute! I love the colors they used to decorate and for their packaging etc. They had some great cupcake flavors too. I ended up getting a "Big Red" which was a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and Dan got a "Mint Condition" cupcake which was a chocolate cupcake with mint flavored cutter cream (his frosting was so good!).

As we were sitting outside about to enjoy our cupcakes I commented to Dan how big and table like my belly gets when I sit down - to show him how much like a table it's become and to share my cupcake experience with Ava I decided to set my cupcake on top of it.

Luckily he caught this image right before my cupcake fell into my lap hehe I'm sure we were quite the sight - don't worry though the cupcake survived the fall! Then from there we went to the Museum Natural Science to wander around for a little bit - my favorite part of the museum were the live animals they had out for the kids event they were putting on for Halloween. We got to see a Hedgehog - it's little face was soo cute! They also had a partial skeleton set up of Acrocanthosaurus. Being at the museum and seeing all of the families made me very excited to be able to do those kinds of things with Ava one day soon :) From the museum we went to Trader Joe's just for fun and we ended up getting some pumpkin butter, peanut butter, chocolate and soup... they had some amazing flowers there too but we didn't get any since we had to drive home still. Note: Last night I tried out the peanut butter and the apple butter... I put them together on a piece of toast and it was DELICIOUS! After that we went to Old Navy where I got to pick up a pair of maternity jeans, a REALLY comfy jacket that I've been eying online for a while and a long sleeve t-shirt.

I could seriously live in this jacket - it's just that comfy :) And our last stops for the day were Target to buy Ava's crib (and they had it in stock yayyy!) and Chipotle for dinner (this is one of Dan's favorite places to eat). Since it was Halloween Chipotle had this deal that if you come dressed up as a burrito you get one for free. We saw some pretty sad looking burrito costumes which consisted mostly of tin foil wrapped around people's fore arms but there were a couple who actually went all out - it was pretty funny to watch! And that's how our day in Raleigh went! It was by far one of the funnest days that we've gotten to spend together in a while and I am one lucky girl to have such a sweet and thoughtful man as my husband :) Thanks for such a fun day!

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