November 18, 2009

Learning How to Crochet

I am so excited to go to Michael's today to get the things I'll need to start learning how to crochet! I have been wanting to learn for a while now but this morning I was looking at at different baby hats since it will still be chilly when Ava gets here and I realized that if I learned now I could make those things for her myself instead of having to buy them and they'll be that much more special :) Here are some pictures of the kinds of things I'd like to make for her...

I love this hat - so simple and delicate!

Baby Cocoon - Used for her baby pictures that we'll hopefully get soon after she's born :)

These seem so soft and comfy!

Those are the things I've come across so far that I'd like to try to make for Ava - first things first though and that's learning how to crochet. Should be fun!

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Jen said...

Knitting is a lot of fun as well. You should give that a try too! :)