November 12, 2009

Workouts for the Week


Leg Extension x 15 (60 lbs)
Lunge Walk x 30 steps
Incline DB Bench Press x 10 -15 (20 lb dbs - 30 lb dbs)
Sprint 100 m.

3 Rounds

This was a fun workout and my favorite part by far were the sprints! Unfortunately I enjoyed them a little too much I think and pulled a pelvic muscle on my right side. Don't worry though cause it's already better and it's only Thursday. Now I know that full out sprint are out of the books for me for the rest of the pregnancy... just will have to take them a bit slower from now on. Still a really fun workout though :)

Tuesday & Wednesday

Rest for my pelvic muscle - feels a 100% better as of Thursday.. yayyy!


"Baby Cindy"

5 x Pull Ups (Jumping)
10 x Push Ups (On Knees)
15 x Squats

As many round as possible in 15 minutes

Really happy with how this workout went :) I was able to get 11 rounds and I felt GREAT! Pelvic muscle did not bother me at all. Felt good to get a good sweat going on this rainy cold and windy day.

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