November 10, 2009

Babymoon - Wilmington NC

Hey Everyone!

So this past weekend Dan and I decided to go on a little trip that we dedicated as our "babymoon" - just a way for us to spend some time together away from home before Ava arrives. We decided to go to Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach here in North Carolina. We were going to stay at the hotel that we usually go to in Carolina Beach but they don't allow pets and for money purposes we needed to bring the dogs along so I found a place in Wilmington about a mile from the beach so that's where we stayed. The place was good because we were able to bring the dogs but I can't say it was very romantic... but it was in an awesome location (only about a mile and a half walk to the beach and close to shopping, restaurants, etc.).

The first night we got there we took the pups for a walk to the beach before the sun went down.

Last time we took Rico to the beach was over a year ago and he absolutely hated it. This time he seemed to love it... he bit at and pounced on the waves as they came towards him, chased a couple of shells that I threw in the water for him but got upset when he wasn't able to find them and of course played in the sand.

Marley on the other hand didn't want anything to do with the water - which didn't really surprise me. She does have it in her head that she's a princess after all :) It was great to see the ocean and be outside in the beautiful weather. That night we went out to eat at one of our favorite places - Front Street Brewery (they have the best chicken nachos EVER - they have a sweet sauce on them so they kind of taste like bbq, so good!)

. Saturday we went for a run to the beach in the morning and got the chance to watch part of a triathlon which was a lot of fun... Dan is getting interested in possibly trying one out some day :) The swim was my favorite part to watch. The rest of the day we spent wandering around different stores, went to see Couples Retreat which was HILARIOUS and sampled a bunch of yummy food at a place called The Fresh Market (they had an entire Thanksgiving dinner set up for us to try, along with some Cheesecake and Apple Cider, YUM). Saturday night was by far my favorite part of the trip - I think it was because Dan and I got the chance to spend some quality along time just sitting, talking and eating some tasty food (with the dogs the trip became a little bit busier than I had imagined). Dan was really sweet and decided to take me to Macaroni Grill for dinner - and it was SO GOOD! I got the Lasagna and Dan got the Eggplant Parmesan. I ate my entire dinner, half of the bread, a salad and two huge glasses of Blackberry Mint Iced Tea. The iced tea was soooo delicious... I could have literally drank 6 glasses of it if I had had more time. Dan made fun of me because I literally left nothing at the table hehe you would think that I never get to eat! I would also like to say that our server there was so great. For dessert we went to Coldstone - we shared a Founder's Favorite. Yum, yum, yum!

Such a fun night hanging out with my favorite guy :) The next morning before we left we went for another run which ended up being around 3 1/2 miles... haven't ran that far since the pregnancy but I felt great! Then we went to breakfast at an awesome place called Sweet and Savory. We both got breakfast sandwiches and coffee... once again I proceeded to make sure that every crumb and drop of liquid was gone before we left the table. I was hungry, what can I say! After breakfast we went and sat on the beach for a little bit... had to soak in some sun and listen to the waves one last time before it was time to head home. While we were sitting there we also got to see a ton of dolphins swim past... we always love when we get to see them :) We both were wishing that we could go out there and swim with them - they just seem so playful and sweet.

Such a great trip :) Next time we go to the beach Ava will be with us getting to see the ocean for the first time!

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