February 22, 2010

Week 37 Pictures

Week 37 Pictures

My friend Sam described my Ava belly as a torpedo the other day :) I think that's very fitting!

Well here we are at week 38... I know I keep saying this but I cannot believe how fast time is flying! It's so true though. I wake up each day thinking ok, today could be the day that we meet Ava. Even though I know it will most likely be at least another week or so it technically could be today and that is very exciting and crazy all at the same time! I have come pretty close to finishing up with things I wanted to get done around the house which is good. The other day I got a ridiculous boost of energy and decided to check my most dreaded project off of the list finally... cleaning out and organizing the guest room. It took me almost the entire day and I had to take a long nap after I was done but it is finally complete. It still needs a lot of work but there's no longer a bunch of random things being stored in the room with no place to go. I feel pretty good about it! I also installed Ava's carseat on my own which was another project that I had not been looking forward to... mostly because I thought it was going to be really tricky for some reason but it was actually very easy which was great news for me! So slowly but surely everything here is coming together for Ava's arrival and I'm feeling good about the house being ready for her. Now it's time to wait I guess :) This is the part I need to get better at I think. One thing that I haven't shared with you guys yet that has been occupying a lot of space in my mind lately is that we found out Ava is breech a couple of weeks ago and she still is in the breech position as of last Thursday's appointment. I have been trying lots of different things at home to help her wiggle into a head down position but none of those have seemed to work as of yet but I am going to keep at it. I have also met with my Hypnobirthing instructor to do a fear release/turning visualization session. And just today I went to Dr. Kuhns my awesome chiropractor here in Fayetteville to have the Webster's Technique done. This technique apparently has an 80-90 % success rate in helping breech babies to turn head down, even late in pregnancy. I realize that there's a possibility that none of these things will work and that there could be a very good reason Ava is head down. If that is the case then we'll move forward knowing that we tried everything possible to help her flip and we'll just be excited to meet our healthy baby girl even if in the end that means not being able to have the natural birth we had planned and hoped for. I know she knows what she's doing in there so for now I'm just trying to get my body in the most optimal state to let her do what she feels like she needs to do. I also trust that God has a plan for us and I am learning to trust in Him more and more everyday. Either way that this turns out I am VERY excited and am always thinking about the day that we finally get to meet her :) These last two months have been full of surprises and change... some of which were really hard to deal with at the time and at times still are but I know I have learned a lot and that there are really good things to come... and one of those things is named Ava :)

Goodnight everyone!


Ash and Ava


rachel said...

I know exactly how you feel about the timing of this - week 38 is kicking in for me tomorrow and I am like... WHAT?? It is so weird because you have so many moms come up to you and say "i went 2.5 weeks early with my baby, i went 2 weeks, i went this time" or then the dreaded "I was 42 weeks with mine"... lol. It could be anytime and it could still be a while! It is such a crazy time.

Thanks for letting us know about Ava being breech. It sounds like you are doing as much as you possibly can to get her to turn around. I am going to pray about that tonight. I have heard that if you try a lot of things and the baby still doesn't turn, there might be a good reason (who knows what), and no matter what happens, as long as Ava is born healthy and safely - that is the most important thing. It is so hard to throw our preconceptions out the window, I have visualized Chloe's birth in so many different scenarious from horrible to amazing to c-section to bathtub, I just don't know how it will go!

Anyway - just wanted to say I'm thinking about you and can relate to the mental state you are in.

Ashley Collinsworth said...

Thank you so much for your comment Rachel :) It feels so good knowing I have someone in the same boat as me... even though this boat is rather rocky at the moment hehe. Just kidding. I've been thinking about you and Chloe too and hoping everything goes smoothly and she has a wonderful birth :) Thanks again and we'll be seeing our little ones soon!