February 12, 2010

Snow and Week 36 Update!

Hey Everyone!

We're getting snow as I type this and it is SOOOO pretty! It's such nice and fluffy snow compared to the last snow/ice storm we had. It's really cool looking right now because it's not cold enough for it to stick to the roads or driveways yet but it's sticking to all of the trees, grass and everything else. We had a really windy day this past week so there are huge branches all over the driveway and they look so pretty covered in snow. Here are some pictures I took...

Reek trying to catch some snow :)

This is my kind of snow too because by tomorrow afternoon the roads will most likely be completely cleared but it will still be all white everywhere else! Here is another picture I took this evening - my end of week 36 belly picture. I don't feel like a whole lot has changed the last couple of weeks... Ava is still growing as ever though :) And moving more than ever!

Week 36

She has been doing all sorts of acrobatics in there. At night, usually right around this time (10 PM or so) my belly starts moving in waves. It cracks me up and I love watching her move all around! Speaking of belly movement... on Super Bowl Sunday I spent the day at Sam and Mike's and I got to see baby Dean move! I was so excited... it's totally different seeing someone else's baby move... so amazing to think there's a little person in her belly too. Now that I am moving onto week 37 Ava and I are considered FULL TERM - yay! So if she came today we would be good to go. I am slowing down quite a bit these days which is to be expected I guess :) Since the whole pregnancy has been so smooth and I have felt so great I guess a part of me thought I would always feel that great. I don't feel bad by any means I just tire MUCH quicker now, have to take more breaks and have a tough time moving around (rolling over in the middle of the night has become quite painful in the pelvic area - OUCH! The dogs probably think I'm hilarious the way I move around these days). I have some practice surges (contractions) but they're not bad and just today my lower back started to hurt a little. Other than that no real signs of impending labor or anything like that. Will keep you guys updated on that though! I am VERY excited for Ava's birth and as always we're praying that the birth goes smoothly and that we're able to have the natural and gentle birth that we prepared for but most importantly that Ava arrives safe and sound :) It's going to be a great day. Last bit of news - Mom and Dad (Ava's great grandparents) helped Dan and I buy the last staple for Ava yesterday and that is a Bassinet/Travel Crib for Ava to sleep in in our room when we first bring her home... here's what it looks like -

This should work great next to our bed for the first couple of months at least and then when she's done using it as a bassinet we can still use it as a travel crib or an area for her to play. This model is called the Graco Travel Lite Crib in Marlowe. It's only 20 lbs., has wheels, a bassinet area and it fits through doorways unlike the bigger Travel Cribs! Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help!

That's all the news for now. Hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk to you soon :) Only 3 weeks or so left!

Love <3

Ash and Ava

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