February 03, 2010

35 Week Belly Pictures and Outfits for Hospital

Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to do a quick post with my 35 week belly pictures and the outfits I picked up for Ava to wear at the hospital and to wear home from the hospital.. I couldn't resist these they're too cute!

35 Weeks - it is getting very tricky to get up on my tip toes far enough to get my whole belly in the picture hehe lots of things are getting tricky now that I think about it :) That's ok though... I don't mind, it keeps things interesting that's for sure!

Matching set I found at Target - I love the hat and mittens that go along with it. This will most likely be her first outfit :)

Outfit to wear home... Daddy's Little Girl :)

We're going to bring along some thicker one piece sleepers too in case that is more comfy for her to wear. Being that this is our first baby I'm not sure what to expect so as always I will most likely pack more than I will actually need :)

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