February 01, 2010

Update: Ava's Room

Hey Everyone!

I've been working on hanging pictures up in Ava's room this morning and wanted to share some pictures of how it's coming along ...

Those three frames are the ones I worked on hanging this morning. I bought the frames at Hobby Lobby, super glued the brown satin ribbon to the back of each one and picked out three different pink patterned scrapbook papers to put in the frames. I'm really excited about how these turned out and it was a cheap and easy way to tie all of the colors into the room that I was looking for :) I got this idea from a nursery design blog that I like to read. Still not sure where I'm going to put the silhouettes of the pups... we'll see. I like them where they are now but I know that eventually Ava will be able to get to themeasily so I will need to figure something else out. I'm thinking of getting some hanging shelves to put behind the glider to put the silhouettes and other small things on so they're out of her reach.

Diaper bag I found at TJ Maxx last week :) Pink and brown... are you seeing a trend going on here? I've always loved pink and brown!

Ava' s bouncy chair - gift from Uncle Yost, Uncle Shawn and Aunt Cait :) This is going to be a HUGE help and it seems like it will be really comfy for Ava. Thanks guys!

Sign I found at Micheal's for Ava's room... the colors match everything else so well!

I realize this isn't a necessity or anything but I saw this at Micheal's and could not resist it! Will most likely go on the hanging shelves along with the pup silhouettes that way it's out of Ava's reach. Too cute!

That's all of the update I have for now... will be going to get the oil changed in a bit and will hopefully pick up some of the necessities for Ava that we don't have yet while I'm at out. Just want to make sure we're prepared in case she decides to join us earlier rather than later :)

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