July 13, 2010

1 year ago - July 14th 2009

A year ago tomorrow we found out that we were expecting our very first baby :)

I can not believe that it was a year ago already! That was such a special, exciting and unbelievable moment when we found out. I remember waiting for the test to read the results... I had my eyes covered I was so excited and all of sudden Dan grabbed the test from the counter and hid it behind his back with a huge smile on his face and we both just started laughing, smiling and hugging each other... I don't think he believed his eyes at first! How time flies though... Ava has been developing for over a year now and has grown into quite the sweet little character and is so full of personality :) It is so much fun to see her grow and learn every single day! I could not imagine what our lives would be like without her and we are SO glad she's here (on the outside of my belly) for us to hug, kiss on and love... we love Ava Marie!

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