July 10, 2010

Ava Marie - 4 Months Old!

Wow... I can hardly believe it but our little girl is already four months old!!! Here are a few of the most recent pictures of Ava

Ava Marie on Fourth of July weekend - hanging out with Dad outside. She's about to tell us all about it... just look at that face!

Ava Marie - Fourth of July 2010

I love this picture of Ava SO much! It just shows so much of her personality... she is the sweetest, most patient baby I have ever met and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Ava and her Daddy having fun together on her changing table :) She sure loves that Daddy of hers (I can't blame her, I love him lots too!).

Ava sleeping on Daddy's chest at church on the Fourth of July

Mama and Ava before church

Ava tries her first official solid food - BANANAS!

They were a pretty huge success :)

Me and Ava after having her yummy banana mush!

As you can see it's been an eventful month for us :) She had a lot of fun on her first fourth of July weekend. We tried to several fun family outing which didn't really work out so well but that's ok cause I had a great weekend just spending time with Dan and Ava even if we didn't make it to the places we planned to go. On the 3rd we went to a little arcade, batting cage place near our house which was a lot fun and brought back a lot fo childhood memories for both of us and Dan discovered that he stills has it when it comes to baseball :) I hope he starts playing on team soon... it's was a lot of fun seeing him in the batting cages and I would love to see him actually get to play. It just makes him so happy! Then when we came home we decided it was time to give Ava her first solid - bananas! She loved them and did a great job right off the bat of swallowing. Since then we have also tried sweet potatoes and also sweet potato and banana mixed together. We've decided that we're going to try our hand at making all of Ava's baby food which I am REALLY excited about and have been having a lot of fun with it already. We went to the Reilly Rd. Farmer's Market the other day to check out their produce for baby food - they have really great prices and a lot of their stuff is locally grown :) Then on the fourth we spent the day relaxing and went to see the fireworks on base at night. Ava enjoyed watching them from the car... she loved the bright colors and wasn't scared of the noise at all which i was a little surprised about. The July Fourth weekend was a lot of fun! Since then we've just been spending our days hanging out around the house, having lunch and visiting with some really great friends and today my friend from high school (Chelsa :) ) came to visit. Ava has been working hard on her rolling over and is almost getting it. She also loves to practice her crawling. She has the most beautiful gummy smile that can melt our hearts in second. She's been working on flexing the vocal chords and has been trying all kinds of different sounds out the last couple of days. She enjoys sucking on her thumb as of this week much more than her pacifier. The breastfeeding is going great and it gets easier and easier everyday. We love spending time with Ava and we are so proud of her for everything she learns and accomplishes every single day! Looking forward to all of the fun milestones coming up but also trying to enjoy every single moment and make each one count!

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