August 18, 2010

Ava Marie - 5 Months

Hey Everyone!!

I am a little late on the 5 month post but better late than never, right :) There's lots going on these days with Ava and our little family! The biggest news of all is... Ava's CRAWLING... can you believe it?! Here are a few pictures of our sweet girl...

Our family :)

My family with Ava!

Daddy and Ava ready to go for a swim at the pool! Love that smile!

This is during her backwards crawling phase that lasted a few weeks. She thought it was so much fun to scoot her little booty under the coffee table and hang out under there. We call it her cave. Such a cutie!

In the Ava cave!

Cutie patootie having some cereal and bananas, YUM!

Probably the funniest picture I have of Ava :) Quite the expression huh? It's like she's saying "what are you lookin; at?". This was during her first green bean experience... she loves them!

Ava with her Uncle Connor, they had so much fun during his visit! She loves when he quotes the movie Despicable Me... "It's SO fluffy!"

Ava practicing her crawling :) So proud of her! She started crawling at exactly 5 months and hasn't slowed down... she goes further and further everyday. She has also become quite adept at rolling which is fun to see her do!

This has been a busy month so far with Dan starting language school - he's learning Pashto which is a kind of Arabic. Ava and I have been keeping busy and having lots of fun at home going for runs in the morning (Ava likes to nap while I run), crawling, trying new foods (peaches, pear, green beans and watermelon), rolling around, learning how to drink out of a cup, swimming on the weekends, reading books, jumping in her jumperoo, standing while holding onto the couch, chewing on all sorts of things and lots of other things... she keeps me on my toes that's for sure and I love every minute of it :) It has been so much fun to see her personality really shine through these last couple of weeks. Ava no longer likes to be held or snuggled for any longer than is necessary. She would much rather be on her own... quite the little miss independent she is :) She loves exploring the world around her and is very interested in everything she sees. She is VERY excited about food... especially whatever Mom and Dad are eating hehe she will lean towards our food or drink and try to grab for it. If you're drinking she will also hold the bottom of the glass and tip it into your mouth for you :) She is very helpful! She has really gotten the hang of crawling and reaching for objects. It is so much fun seeing her grow and change every single day... she is changing so fast though I can hardly believe it! I always ask her "where did my baby go?" and I'm serious she doesn't seem like a baby to me anymore. She seems so grown up and full of ideas already and she's only 5 months old... so amazing and a little scary all at the same time :) I am excited for the day, months and years to come though... we are so proud of Ava already and can't wait to see what God has in store for her life... it's going to be great :) Hope you all are doing great and I will try to do another update before another month flies by! Off to have some brownies and ice cream with Dan :)

<3 Ash, Dan and Ava

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