March 22, 2010

Ava at 1 week

Ava's 1 Week Photos
I can hardly believe that Ava is already over 2 weeks old and that these photos were taken when she was a week old! Time has been flying by ever since we got home but we've been having a lot of fun watching Ava grow and learning more and more about her personality every day. When she was first born and still when she's really sleepy she'll only open one eye but has been opening both eyes more and more which we love! She has the prettiest dark grey eyes right now but it will be fun to see what color they end up being. She always has her cute little hands up by her face just like in her ultrasound pictures. When she's upset she gets these things we call "crazy hands" and she waves them all around like she's trying to grab something. This is how I know she's about to get really upset and is my cue to figure out what she's upset about. She is such a calm baby and is very relaxed most of the time... especially if someone is holding her against their chest, she'll be content for hours. She loves holding hands... especially with her Daddy (he was the first person she ever held hands with - about a minute or so after she was born and he held her hand through all of the procedures they do). She is unusually strong for being 2 weeks old and is already able to lift her head up and move it around all on her own. Our schedule has become pretty regular and has become a lot easier since I know what to expect more and more. She usually wakes up at 1 am, 4:30 am and sometimes 6 am. She's actually very regular about the times that she wakes up, I think this is great considering she's only 2 weeks old :) I love all the funny little things about her that only we know about. She is so amazing and we're loving every minute with her... I'm so glad she's finally here with us :) I will update again soon!

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