March 04, 2010

Early Morning Birth Day Post

Hey Everyone!

Here I am at 12:15 AM the morning of Ava's birth... still puttering around the house finishing up some last minute hospital packing and such :) I feel like my mind is all over the place with thoughts of today and what it's going to be like to finally meet Ava face to face! We got home from having dinner with my mom, step dad and brother around 9:30 and Dan has been passed out ever since hehe I know I should be asleep too but I am just too excited, anxious, nervous and happy all at once to be able to sleep. Even the dogs are asleep... I know I'm up too late when even the dogs are asleep before me :) Since we are having a c-section I had to stop eating at 12 so Ava and I just had our last snack of milk, grapes and chocolate covered graham crackers... I figured we might as well go out with a bang - hence the chocolate covered graham crackers. I won't be able to eat or drink anything till Ava is here... crazy to think about :) For tomorrow we don't have our c-section time yet since it's all happening kind of last minute so we will be calling at 5 am to find out when our scheduled time will be. I'm not too nervous about the c-section itself but more anxious than anything wondering what it's going to be like to meet Ava. I am planning on bringing my headphones along to listen to my Hypnobirthing tracks at least during the initial part of the c-section when they are putting in the epidural to help me stay calm and to keep myself from getting worked up. Especially with Dan not being able to be with me during that part I am going to need something to get my mind off of what's going on. I think once we're past the epidural and Dan can come into the room with me I should be good :) So for now I am going to go make a list of last minute things we need to pack in the morning, enjoy some more Ava kicks from the inside while I still can and then get a couple hours of sleep. So hard to believe these 9 months are over already... but this adventure of ours has only just begun :) Thanks everyone for the prayers and positive thoughts. We'll keep you posted on how everything goes tomorrow and of course with pictures of Ava once we get a chance :) Time to try and get some sleep.

Love <3

Ash and Ava

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