October 08, 2010

Ava Marie - 7 Months Old!

Happy 7 Months Ava Marie!!

The months just keep flying by and Ava is growing and developing so fast now I can barely keep up with her :) Here are some of the things Ava has been up to lately:

** I have some more pictures I'll try and put up soon... these are just a few of the ones from the last couple of weeks! I love the ones of her Dan having fun at the beach!

  • She is crawling (FAST!)
  • Loves to explore anything and everything she can get her sweet little hands on
  • Can pull herself to her knees and even to her feet now
  • Sadly enough was sick for the first time a few days ago with some sort of stomach virus :( it was so sad and a little scary for us (well mostly me hehe her Dad was very good about the whole thing) but she's feeling much better now (thanks to God for watching over her and helping her to get better so quickly!)
  • Loves spending as much time as possible outside
  • Enjoys playing with our pups Rico and Marley (she gets SO excited when she sees them, it's really cute)
  • Has fun meeting other kiddos at our Mommies Group at church
  • Trying out different solid tried foods (she just tried some little cereal puffs this week and also some small chunks of banana. She's getting very good at mushing the food up all on her own.)
  • Moved from using her Bumbo at breakfast and dinner time to a highchair!
  • Crawls over to her Dad and I to say "hi" and crawl on us and even give us kisses sometimes :) This makes my heart melt...
  • Is fascinated by blinds and the chords that pull them up
  • Is a tricky one when it comes to changing her diapers and getting her dressed these days... she is wild and tries to roll everywhere!
  • We've started using the word "no" more and more these days and she's starting to understand what it means I think... sometimes she does great and stops what she's doing and other times she will stop, give me a sneaky but sweet little smile and after a few seconds she will proceed with attempting to do what she was doing when I told her "no. Then I repeat the process hehe quite the adventure this is going to be! But Dan and I read in Proverbs this morning that "Those who love their children care enough to discipline them." Proverbs 13:24. I love this passage and I'm sure this is one of the passages Dan and I will come back to again and again as Ava is growing up.
  • She has started to wake up at night occasionally... no pattern to it all really. I usually feed her and she'll go right back to sleep. I think it's just a stage she's going through ... she's learning and growing so much and I think she even wakes up to practice her crawling, rolling and standing sometimes, she's a funny girl!
  • As I posted before she has both of her top two teeth coming in now :) It's been pretty painless it seems like and it hasn't seemed to bother her much at all (thanks again to God!).
  • She loves "talking" when she meets new people or sees something that she's excited about. This often times is a high pitched screech or a scream... I think the screeches are so cute that she makes! I always call her a little birdie since that's kind of what she sounds like!
  • When she thinks she likes to tap her little left foot or scratch her fingernails in a grabbing motion on a surface... preferably on something that makes an interesting noise when she does it. I love when she does this!
  • She has a new game she loves... playing on her Daddy's back while he lays on his stomach. She pounds her little hand on his back and it makes fun noises! She also enjoys playing with his hair and ears.
  • She is growing great and is 17 pounds now and 26 inches long... big girl!
  • At her last doctors appointment they found a faint heart murmur that they will be checking again in a month and a half or so (if you guys could pray over Ava for this we would appreciate it :) )
  • Ava has been really good with people she doesn't know as long as she has a chance to warm up to them which has been very exciting... she's had fun getting used to new people when we go to the Mommies Group at church. She is fearless in approaching the other Moms and hanging out with the other kids. It's fun to watch her play and seeing how she interacts with others for the first time.. I've never really seen this side of her before since she doesn't have any other kids we know to play with. She is very assertive and isn't afraid to jump right in and play with the other kids which is great :) Just have to watch out and make sure she doesn't steal toys other kids are playing with or that she isn't too rough... still getting used to these things :)
These are some of the biggest things going on with Ava right now! We love you Ava and it is a joy and a HUGE blessing to have the privilege of not only being your mother but to be able to spend each day with you, share experiences with you, help you learn and watch you learn and explore on your own (I love when I can see those wheels in your head turning :) ) and above all just having the chance to love you :)

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Fall!

Love <3.

Ash, Dan and Ava


rachel said...

Oh my goodness!!! This little girl is acting like a 9-10 month old with these developments. Is she really saying "hi"? That is incredible. And crawling fast! I bet you are so proud, and sad at the same time that she is growing up so quickly!!! Do you think you guys will have another one anytime soon? The baby stage is almost over for us...

Ashley Collinsworth said...

Rachel - I know she is growing up SO fast these days! And I definitely agree that she seems a lot older than she really is. Nope she's not really saying hi yet just crawling over to us as if to say hi :) That will be exciting though to hear her first word! She definitely is crawling fast though... we definitely have to keep our eyes on her! I am so proud but am sad sometimes that time is flying by so fast. Yes we definitely hope to have another one, not sure when just kind of waiting to see what God has planned for us :) How about you guys?