July 31, 2009

First Pictures and Quick Update

Hey everyone! Just a couple of the very first pictures of the pregnancy... a couple of my belly and the pregnancy test.

So for right now it just appears that I have had a few too many doughnuts heheh but I can definitely see a difference. It's strange cause the top part of my stomach near my ribs looks exactly the same but right near by belly button it's getting kind of pointy looking. So glad Dan thought of taking a picture of the pregnancy test... he's always thinking ahead :)

Quick update for today... feeling extremely dizzy since I got up this morning and am trying to take it easy till it goes away. Was hoping to get a CrossFit Mom workout in but it's looking like I might need to postpone that till I feel better. If you're interested in the kinds of workouts I've been doing here is the CrossFit Mom website http://crossfitmom.com/. I can still do most CrossFit workouts at this point since it's still early in the pregnancy but I have scaled back my intensity quite a bit. I make sure I take breaks to catch my breath and don't push myself too hard. Also have decreased the weight I use by about 50% for most lifts. So for now I don't follow the CrossFit Mom page day by day since I still like to make up my own workouts or workout with the group occasionally. That's about it for now! Hope you're all having a great day and I'll talk to you soon!

<3 Ash and Dan

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